Board Of Officers



                                    • Judy Cardano, President
                                    • Roy Cobo, Vice President
                                    • Moks Laureles, Secretary
                                    • Rubi Defensor, Treasurer
                                    • Larry Pascaran, Auditor

                                      BOARD OF DIRECTORS:

                                    • Austin Conaty, Education and Culture
                                    • Joel Quinto, Ways and Means
                                    • Millet Panga, Senior Citizens
                                    • Francine Conanan, Membership
                                    • Brian Alexander, Outreach
                                    • Yolanda dela Cuesta, Youth

                                      YOUTH OFFICERS:

                                    • Melissa dela Cuesta, President
                                    • Kayla Argente, Vice President
                                    • Julia Cardano, Secretary
                                    • Nicholas Manzo, Community Service Officer
                                    • Anne Morales, Public Relations Officer

                                      BOARD OF TRUSTEES
                                      Liezl Argente, Ramon Calalang, Jimmy Cardano,
                                      Lita Dialino, Mencie Hairston, Zeny Juanitez, Manny Lopez

                                      MABUHAY, INC.
                                      Attn: Judy Cardano
                                      7912 Orchard Parkway, Bowie, MD 20720
                                      TEL. 301-922-6884