MICS parent survey

Dear MICS’ Parents and concerned Mabuhay Inc. Board,

I hope everyone is having a great summer as I have been with David!

I have created a survey form asking for feedback with regards to plans for MICS next Fall. Please click on the link below and take less than a minute to answer the survey. Once you are finished, please click on the Done button to exit the survey. I thank you in advance for your responses as this will help us better plan for MICS in October 2011.


Mabuhay Inc. has volunteered to man the Childrens’ Tent for this year’s Asian Festival at George Mason University on July 23 and 24. I am asking MICS’ parents and students, and Mabuhay Inc. Youth to help us on Saturday. We will again be making parols at the Childrens’ Tent, and this year we will include teaching and playing Filipino games like Patintero, Luksong Tinik, Sungka, and Tumbang Preso. If your schedule will permit you, please confirm by replying to this email (after you have done the survey) and I wil lsend the details of how, when, and where we will particiapte in this endeavor. If you also have a sungka set and are going, please these with you.

Finally, I will ask our MICS parents to help me plan for MICS this school year. Our MICS’ Staff has seen the great enthusiasm and increased participation of our parent volunteers in helping out run our MICS. We plan to meet some time this summer and prepare for the MICS’ Open House in October. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to email me back or call me.

Tito Moks Laureles
Education and Culture Committee and Mabuhay Inc. Culture School Director
Mabuhay Inc.